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I was a college kid with friends, trying to build “The next facebook” kind of website. I’m gonna tell you, we had no idea what we were trying to build. and I actually thought we can build a facebook out of dreamweaver.

Even though we didn’t build “the next facebook” and most of my friends chose their own path in life. I didn’t quit what I started, programming and coming up with startup ideas.

I have been building websites for some of my clients as a freelancer and some for myself since 2015. And I had to choose to be a financial analyst as a job (I graduated in commerce, and it was easier to get that job.) to meet my financial needs while doing web development in part time.

Years went in a blink, I quit my job as an analyst on March 2020, right when the world has a surge in unemployment and most of the population is falling ill, but somehow I did not want to go back to the safe place. So, I continued being unemployed while doing some client projects from fiverr to pay my bills.

It was a hard time I had to eat at my parent’s while doing freelance projects (They were very supportive). During that time I have been following topics on Indiehackers and fell in love with what they do. So I decided to bring small ideas to life and this time I did not care about the projects being a billion dollar hit. I was able to complete 4 projects.

I spent months developing Videofork and the first time I launched it on Producthunt after the initial MVP, I had 200 registered users and saw potential for growth in this project.

I don’t know anything about marketing so I got stuck and I knew I need someone to build this project further. So, I posted in “Looking to Partner Up” community at IndieHackers and had a reply from this wonderful guy, Paul. We had a couple of meeting and agreed to work together on Videofork. He suggested me about building in public and I thought it is a good idea. Read more about our project at twitter here.

I first learned how to build websites when I purchased an HTML and Dreamweaver for Dummies book back at the beginning of the millennium. So you can say that I have seen the web change over my professional life. My latest project was Cheddar Advertising, originally Cheddar Social, which I currently run and make my living. At Cheddar, I am a founder to my team, a Strategist and business consultant to my clients, and the guy who makes sure that the payroll gets made. It’s a grind, but I am proud of the work we do.

Over the years, I have consulted with startups from Silicon Valley to Boulder, Colorado. I have watched my clients make fortunes with their ideas. It has been my advice, creativity, and strategy that has assisted them in reaching their goals. It would seem that it is time to take my own advice and build businesses that don’t require me to sell my time to feed my family.

I have watched companies like Godaddy, Justin TV (which became Twitch), IndieHackers, and the Hustle launch and reach significant milestones saying. All the while saying to myself, I could have done that, I could have done that. But I never did. I always stood by and judged from the sideline.

After years of watching Indiehacker folks team up and make a go of it, I decided to put my expertise as a marketer out there and search for a technical co-founder. I sent a few messages to founders and teams on the forum. Still, I could never connect for one reason or another until I found Jaga and his MVP product with VideoFork. I reached out, set up a video call, and we decided to dive in and work together.

Jaga and my agreement are simple. I will help with funding, marketing, and creativity. Jaga will focus on development. So over the next few months, I will share my marketing strategies, including branding, SEO, marketing funnels, and customer retention. I will dive in deep to assist other founders in their Journeys.

I hope you follow along on twitter, and the things that we share will either help or inspire you.

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